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5 Trending Corporate Team Building Ideas

We’re all always looking for awesome Team Building ideas – so we got in touch with the FocusU Team to

5 Interactive Billboards That Inspired Us

Interactive Valentines Day Sign In Canada Valentine’s day is ‘the day to say it’. So a local jewelry brand in

Brand Activations Through Packaging

All of us buy stuff everyday. All that stuff is packaged. We order home delivered food – that’s packaging that

Personalised Portrait Cookies

This custom Oreo experience in Australia allows consumers to add a strong personal quality to their treats by printing a

Public Punching Bags

Donttakethisthewrongway is a New York-based design studio and its latest concept boasts public punching bags. Debuted as part of the

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Trending Event Design

  • Unique Ceiling Decor That Wows

    Ceilings have recently started getting the attention they deserve. There’s really nothing more fascinating that ceiling embellishments, especially if they are well synced with your event theme or brand. Here’s

  • Dramatic Floral Inspiration From The Worlds Best Floral Designers

    Flowers have been and always will be the piece de resistance in terms of decor. A floral installation not only gains praise and awe, but also tons of photos and

  • Residential Design Theme

    The ‘living room’ design theme has emerged as a huge trend for events – whether corporate or private – this is one design theme that’s versatile, and comfy. The feeling

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