Beer brand gives univ students the ‘dorm from home’ experience.

The pandemic meant that universities across US had to close their campus & move to online classes. Students had to go back home and live with their parents again. This obviously means lack of privacy and freedom.

Natural Light, a beer brand took advantage of this opportunity to create a marketing campaign that gives students the ‘DORM AT HOME’ experience.

They have created a super cute mini house on wheels equipped with a TV, Fridge, Electronics, and beer money for a whole semester! To enter, students simply tag the brand with a photo of ‘why they need their own space’. One lucky winner will get to keep this house on wheels, with everything in it!

Eventpreneur Verdict: It’s these simple, and relevant ideas that keeps brands on top recall during the pandemic, when regular physical experiences cannot take place. Love this idea! And it hits a sweet sweet spot for every student who’s living at home till dorms re-open (which could be a long time away). We give this campaign an 8/10 – the only thing lacking here is that there is just one single winner, which is pretty less according to us. Otherwise, the idea is fab!

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