Event Chatbots: Why You Need One

AI is the future – we keep hearing that, but it’s not ‘tomorrow’ any longer – it’s happening today, now. Event Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) ‘personal assistants’ that help participants get any information about your event over text, anytime, anywhere, without the need to download a new app. Let’s see why you need one!

Increase Efficiency

ChatBots respond exactly the way you want, every time, to thousands of questions simultaneously. Your staff and volunteers have more time to help attendees achieve their goals.

Connect Immediately

Participants receive a text message and connect by sending questions to the same number. Easily segment and notify attendees of important announcements, changes, or instructions.

Ask Questions Freely

Attendees love the efficiency and freedom of speech while chatting with Chatbots. Everyone talks to Alexa & Siri – it makes them more ‘free’ and they don’t hesitate to ask seemingly small questions.

Your Brand, Your Voice

Your ChatBot is an extension of your brand and voice. These are reflected in the little details like the name you give your ChatBot and the tone your ChatBot uses to interact with your attendees.

Customized Conversations

Event participants (i.e., attendees, sponsors, speakers) all have different needs. EventBots can personalize the conversation for a participant based on their role.

Remind and Alert

Mass or segmented notifications can be scheduled for greetings, feedback requests, and reminders. They can also be sent at any time to alert attendees of changes or emergencies.

Short, but rich communication.

The event is about to start, but you have no idea where to park the car. You can ask the bot where to park & get GPS directions. Chatbots give clear and instant information, and the bot isn’t limited to textual answers. Images, videos, audio, GPS location can all be sent via chatbot!

Quick Feedback

ChatBots can present poll questions, collect the data, and display results to attendees. They can also ask survey questions and report results to event staff. Don’t wait until after the event!

**Content & Image Credits: https://www.sciensio.com/eventbots

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