Event Technology


Our 3D virtual events are highly benefiting businesses in an innovative way

Discover the type of online events we can do for you

  • Virtual breakfast/hi-tea sessions
  • Virtual roundtables
  • Virtual customer events
  • Virtual CXO keynotes
  • Virtual result declarations
  • Virtual award ceremonies
  • Virtual trade shows
  • Virtual product demos/ launches
  • Virtual retail environment
  • Virtual training sessions
  • Virtual townhall event
  • Virtual sales meet
  • Virtual dealer meet
  • Virtual team building activities
  • Virtual employee on-boarding

What role does Buzznation play?

We are your online event technology manager. We take care of multiple requirements related to your event which involves a technology intervention and implementation. We are there with you from the start to finish!

Here’s what we can do for you:

Platform selection: Help in selecting the platform based on your requirement

Registration: Set up the attendee management process to manage registrations

Attendee Journey: Build the attendee journey from registrations to attendance

Engagement Ideas: Suggest ideas to excite and engage the attendees for your event. Plan user engagement activities like poles, surveys, virtual gifts, games, etc.

Platform Testing: Set up testing sessions with your speakers to get them familiar with the platform

Event execution: On the day of the event our technology team ensures contact monitoring and roll out of the project.

Post event analytics: We provide post event data and analytics that can be used to direct your marketing and sales activities

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