Designing Events For The Millennial Gen

India has the world’s largest millennial population (18 to 35). Millennials are 34% of the country’s total population. They are the TG that most events are now conceptualised for. They are the key demographic for most brands.


This one character trait says more about this generation that anything else. Studies show that this generation would rather travel than buy a house. So – life is not about ‘settling’ down anymore. It’s about exploring, being yourself, connecting with others, experiencing new things.

So what do you as an event planner need to keep in mind while planning events/ brand activations for this category?

  • Newness identify global trends and new ideas to include in your event
  • Boldness – this gen is ready to take risks – if there ever was a time to experiment and try a new format, it is now.
  • Share-ability – go ahead and get instagrammable. Ditch the old photo booth, create scenery to get amazing pictures!
  • Responsible – adding an element of consciousness and social responsibility will gain huge brownie points.
  • Value – give them more bang for every buck.
  • Experiential – this is the key. static elements don’t cut it anymore – every touch point must have an experience that is interactive and immersive.
  • Technology – think AI, think Apps, Thing Digital Gaming, think AR, VR – use the amazing tech innovations that are flooding the market today!

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