Events in the Technology World

Technology is making events easy to execute, relevant, cost-effective, fast and personalised

The days of yore were simple. A circus tent or a village fair was all you had to do to make sure your product is visible, recalled and interacted with.

But that was all you ‘could’ do too. There was not much to be tapped in terms of better reach, engagement, execution, lead generation, profitability and personalization.

Thanks to technology, we have moved well into a world where all this started becoming possible, one technology advancement after another.

Especially in the last four or five years, there has been an explosion of unprecedented ways that can add a new depth and power to events. Technology is now augmented, intelligent, fast, pervasive and always-on.

Do you know what that boils down to?

1.   Precision Targeting: Now this new world can help you design campaigns way better than you did before. Everything can be precise and well-targeted. No flukes or shots out of the park. Going after your desired segment is now something that becomes well-baked in your campaign right from the very first ideation.

2.   Immersive Experience: Events allow you to make an in-person connection. Today, events can be immersive and experiential. They can reach out to target audience in new and creative ways. They can convey and remind them of the brand message at deeper levels now.

3.   Consistency in Brand Impact: It is now possible to make events that are truly brand-consistent. Everything from the communication to the forms to the event-exhibition booths and theme can be designed in ways that they not only match but extend the brand DNA to new frontiers.

4. Customized Communication: Events are moving to a higher degree of customizations now. This is pervading across all dimensions – be it event pages, forms, announcements, social media action, emails, registration or promotional aspects.

5.  Adds to the Sales Funnel: Events help the marketing and sales teams to fine-tune the funnel in a stronger way. They are also using technology to connect to customers at crucial stages of the chain and get a new fillip in lead generation.

6.   Cutting Edge Tools: Digital tools are helping event organizers on all areas of event planning and management by empowering them with speed, efficiency and effectiveness. This entails Venue Management, Event Registration, Ticketing, Booth Design and Management as well as Analytics and Reporting

7. Enhance Experience: Technology allows event planners to reach faster production times and enhance on-site brand experiences. Integration of event experiences with overall brand impact is now happening in radical ways.

8.   Better Retention: Events are also helping marketers to lengthen and deepen experiences. Technology can make ‘stayable experiences’ possible so that a prospect stays for long and enjoys better memory and engagement with the event.

9.  Post-event Engagement: Post-event impact, communication and analytics are being made possible with new and swift tools.

10. Mobile-first: Events are becoming relevant to a mobile-first world where real-time flavor and social media impact are key parts and not after-thoughts of an event plan.

11.  Multi-sensory Experience: Events are arming marketers to amplify their brand communication through multi-sensory experiences using smell, sound, and touch for better emotional quotients.

No wonder that the Event Marketing Software market is being estimated to be $5.10 billion in 2019 and it is slated to reach $10.57 billion by 2025. This means a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of +13% during the forecast period as per a report from The Research Corporation.

The days of guesswork and half-baked brand messaging are over. Software and digital technologies have given a new force to event makers. They are morphing events from a footprint to the fine print.

Hope you have a great time creating impactful, immersive and productive events too. After all, we better use this wand of technology that we now have the luxury of. It is now time to truly unfold the maximum power of an event.

By putting minimal effort!

Article Credits: BUZZNATION

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