How Buzznation is helping its clients create online experiences through virtual events?

Over the last few weeks, we have seen historic and unprecedented changes in the way we live our lives.  Whether watching an interactive webinar on how the world economy will pick up from where it left. Or,  listening to a podcast on how to spend quarantine productively. 

Not to ignore the traffic on Zoom, business meetings or to play housie-housie with family scattered around the world!  

Right now, millions of us are filling our spare time with webinars on how the economy will reshape itself to move on, or listening to podcasts, and Zoom-ing with friends and family around the world. 

Meanwhile, the event industry has been quickly and quietly reshaping itself. With conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, and anything involving face-to-face meetings simply not viable for the foreseeable future, we have risen to the task of keeping businesses up and running through virtual events.  Put simply, our task has been to increase the immunity of your marketing machinery to the COVID-19 crisis. 

At Buzznation, we have put everything in place to make “virtual” the new normal for our clients and partners, wherever in the world they happen to be locked down.

Whether you have an event already in mind or are looking for ideas, Buzznation is your all-access pass to online events that can keep your business running throughout the crisis and beyond.

Our dedicated team of virtual event experts ensures that every virtual event leverages its technology edge without sacrificing the benefits of a physical event. Because at Buzznation we know the show must go on – online.

And how do we go about doing it? 

  • Personalization: Beyond templates. We create events that meet the brief and deep to the level of individual participants.
  • Tech thrills to deepen event feels: Our virtual events dance along with the integration of AI, VR, and AR that allows for seamless communication, bringing the thrill and glamour of real-world events to your virtual events.
  • Event Types: Given the multitude of event needs, audience type, and session goals, our team has the expert knowledge and experience needed to recommend, build and deploy the most cutting-edge virtual event tools and platforms.
  • Jack of all Trades, so the Master too: Our virtual event agents have got you covered. We track each registrant, their demographic profile, interest level, and activities over time. We also provide detailed summaries of trends captured from your event. 

If you’re buzzing to get started, write to us on  We have the crew, the experience, and the technology to get your event on the virtual road.

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