Prateek Jain; Orch Events

Prateek Jain is an Event Planner, and a Digital & Influencer Marketing Specialist. He founded Orch Events just a couple of months ago in April 2019. They are headquartered in Delhi with Pan India capabilities.

Prateek Jain

Orch Events is a group of young talented people which brings in the best and fresh ideas to the table. New in the game, they aim to bring novelty to the field of Event Management. Prateek says ‘We seek to break away from the old-fashioned, traditional way of managing events by bringing in innovative methods of getting the work done’.

As an Event Planner, Prateek undertakes the responsibility of handling all kinds of Corporate Events and Weddings. As a Digital Marketer, he focuses on optimising the digital presence & Social Media Handles of his clients. He also consults brands to create Influencer Marketing Strategies.

The core team at Orch Events includes, Prayas Arora, Tarun Virdi, Karan Chawla and Aditya Berry. All of them are fresh Commerce Graduates bringing in their unique talents and abilities. Everyone brings something extraordinary to the table.

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