Selling an Event: To Digital Natives

Understand the role of digital, data, email and CRM in ensuring a good turn-out

Events are levers. They can catapult a marketing goal to new heights and breadths if they are executed in a smart and strategic way. A lot of these impact areas hinge on the number of people who come as attendees and participants in the event.

The world is full of marketing noise. The landscape is cluttered with umpteen events and zillion marketing messages vying for the customer’s attention, eyeballs and footfalls. Time and cognitive bandwidth are not increasing anytime soon so the burden on their scarcity is only going to assume more weight in times to come.

How can one ensure then that the desired audience turns up at the event?

It is a formidable task and a lot would depend on how the event theme and message get crafted. The creativity and relevance of the event campaign have a role to play here. But one cannot undermine the part that promotion assumes in this aspect.

After all, even the cleverest message can fall on deaf ears if it does not reach them, and in time.

Change Pigeons to Eagles

The beauty of living in a digital world is that everything can now be brought under an online umbrella and dialogues can happen at the snap of a finger, or thumb if you prefer.

So a well-designed system that can corral all the target audience data into usable and digestible formats can serve a strong role in planning the promotion messages with a better edge than in a siloed format. Technology helps streamline diverse set of communication and to smoothen it out in a core and accurate way so that the audience is never confused or overwhelmed. The idea is to keep them engaged and intrigued about the event. That can happen in an effective way by making data meet CRM tools at a new depth. These tools and messaging avenues can be intertwined with a smart overarching layer so that the audience starts to hear about the event from the very first stage. From there on, other avenues and platforms can start melting in together so that the message is dovetailed in a very sharp and precise manner. It elevates and builds up as the event date draws near.

Make the messengers fun

The good side-effect of having the technology by your side with today’s messaging platforms is that they can do more than just ‘deliver’. They can enrich the message and create excitement around the event by using creative ways and elements inside the promotions. They can draw in the audience in an interactive way and make them take some ownership or slice of the actual event both before it starts and after it ends. This goal can take every avenue into its fold – from emails to newsletters to broadcast messages to viral messages to memes built around the event.

The importance of CRM

It is only through insightful, warm and personal-level of data about prospects and attendees that event planners can achieve a deep connection with their intended audiences. This can help them not just sell the event but also inject various marketing stages at the right time so that an event starts working its goals even before the tent is pinned down.

CRM integration ensures that the event is well-oiled on all areas of planning, effectiveness, revenue contribution, lead capitalization, qualifying processes for sales teams, lifecycle management, and lead progression visibility.

These areas, when well-managed, align supremely well with CMO goals and micro-results of an event. Conversion performance and funnel visibility are, for example, metrics that align deeply when an event weaves in well with CRM data.

As long as the back-end data pipes can be fitted well into these front-end birds, everything becomes seamless and engaging. The effort and investment put into event marketing can turn up a lot more productive with integrated marketing channels rather than those that run in isolation.

So do not just focus on one channel and one envelope for the message. In today’s digitally-sprawled world, it makes sense to go omnichannel and all across the funnel with a well-devised strategy.

Keep the excitement on – from start to finish. On-site and online. They will flock. Like penguins with happy feet.


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