Zoom call fatigue – the productivity dip after hours spent on conference calls during long days of WFH. But how much effort (or not) is the caller making to keep you engaged?

You may not be able to hit the “leave the meeting” button during a work conference call if your boss is on the other side. But when you’re being pitched with a product or solution, you have complete control.

This is where online events, webinars, and conferences become challenging – and you realize virtual events are more than just clicking on the “Live” button.

With a plethora of webinars and many other forms of virtual events taking place every day, attendees can quickly become “zoned out”, particularly as they are only a click away from returning to the comforts and distractions of their home environment.

Anyone wanting to connect with clients, customers, partners, or the public now has access to a vast number of tech services and platforms to help them achieve the “holy grail” of any event – virtual or otherwise – which is attendee engagement. This means the ball is firmly in the marketer’s court. But which is best for you, and where do you start?

From our experience, we have learned that there are a few key actions you can take to keep your audience hooked throughout the event.

  1. Punch in “Compelling Content” that draws audience attention even more than the season of Game of Thrones they’re itching to get back to. Include discussions, energizers, audience interaction (with the host and each other), and quizzes for breaking the monotony and keeping the attendees intrigued.
  2. Look for the best “Production Quality” to make your mark. Have the best cameras, slickest backdrops and great mics to bump up the quality of your presentation.
  3. Conduct “Live Polling” throughout the session. This way, the attendees will stay involved. Live polls also give event managers, data on participation, and session engagement.
  4. A “Push Notification” can be fun and engaging too. Use them to inform attendees about the start of the next session so that they can settle in. Also, use them to share interesting facts to make attendees feel like they’re part of something bigger.
  5. Make time for “Live Q&A” just like you would at an in-person meeting.
  6. Get attendees active on all “Social Media” Involve them in a fun challenge that aligns with the event and announce giveaways.
  7. Keep the “Event Length” shorter than you usually would for a live event, to keep attendees focused on the content.
  8. Consider sending attendees some “Goodies” before the event as a welcome gesture to the event.

At Buzznation, we have effortlessly dived into the virtual setting and started evolving with the changing times. With our buzzing ideas, you can pull off a virtual event that is as exciting as your in-person plans.

If you’re looking to conduct an engaging and effective virtual event, hit us at Find out how you can leverage our experience and technology to seamlessly manage your virtual events.

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