Video Conference Clone Machine By Coors Light

Did you know Zoom fatigue is a real thing!!? I bet you did – we are all facing it these days. The endless stream of webinars and gyaan sessions, and mandatory ‘show your face’ Zoom events is getting exasperating, and like me, I bet you’re all looking for excuses to get away for a break!

Capturing on this very idea, beer brand Coors Light has created a cool digital tool called the Coors Light’s Clone Machine that creates a virtual ‘stand in’ or proxy for you while you take a break from the screen! Check it out here –

Also take a look at the promo video below (i know it says America in the video, but the website works for anyone around the world – I’ve tried it!)

In these times, the only way for brands to reach consumers is through digital. But how relevant is the content, and how innovative can you make it – that’s where the success lies! The Coors Light campaign, according to me, scores a full ten on ten!!

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